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ADA Truncated Domes Detectable Warning Pavers

Detectable Warning & ADA Truncated Dome Pavers

Due to the American Disabilities Act, Tile Tech has been involved with various agencies to design and manufacture a paver which would aid the visually impaired. These truncated dome or detectable warning pavers provide a series of raised truncated domes that are readily detectable underfoot, and by cane.

Visualy impaired individuals depend on environmental cues, such as raised truncated domes, to inform of potential hazards. ambient sounds and physical elements that can be sensed by a cane or texture changes underfoot. Any pedestrian area requiring the use of a detectable warning surface can utilize the Detectable Warning Pavers. The distinctively textured walking surface can help to warn pedestrians of an impending hazard on the route ahead. Manufactured in accordance with the current requirements set forth in the American Disabilities Act (ADA), that is, straight alignment of its truncated domes, The Detectable Warning Pavers are fabricated with a non-slip texture applied to the surface of the pavers.

We manufacture our detectable warning pavers in several sizes and colors to suit various design requirements and conform to the ADA Code. Custom color and aggregate mixes are available upon special request at no additional cost.

Detectable Warning Pavers

Detectable Warning Pavers Catalog Warning Pavers Catalog
Tile Tech Truncated Dome Pavers are manufactured using a hydraulic press. This results in high psi strength (>8,000psi) product to withstand tough applications & climates.
Truncated Dome Pavers Installation Warning Paver Specs
These Detectable warning pavers can be either Sand Set or Mortar Set for a fast and easy installation. They can also be field cut with a standard wet tile saw for areas with radiuses.
ADA Accessibility Guidelines ADA Guidelines
Manufactured in accordance with the current requirements of the American Disabilities Act. Truncated domes shall have a base diameter of 0.9in min to 1.4in max, a top diameter of 0.45in min to 0.9in max, a height of 0.2in and a center-to-center spacing of 1.6in to 2.4in.
Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS
Tile Tech Detectable Warning pavers are manufactured using the safest of ingredients which include Portland cement, crushed aggregates & inorganic alkaline resistant pigments.
Material Safety Data Sheet California DSA
The California Building Code indicates technical criteria for detectable warning surfaces . The technical criteria include dome pattern, dome spacing and dimensional placement.
Detectable warning pavers & ADA truncated dome pavers are available in many custome colors & are factory sandblasted for slip resistance. Detectable Warning Yellow Color Detectable Warning Red Color Detectable Warning Black Color Detectable Warning Natural Color ADA Truncated Dome - Yellow
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